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We welcome volunteering help from healthcare professionals, researchers, charities and those who are recovering from Long COVID.

How you can help

There are four main areas where we’d like your help through volunteering.

Healthcare Professionals

There are many people with Long COVID who need help. Whether you are (or were) involved in conventional (mainstream), nutritional, functional or integrative medicine, as a medical professional we’d love to hear from you. 

Medical Researchers 

If you are conducting medical research connected with Long COVID or COVID-19, and would like to help develop our “Causes of Long COVID” page in preparation for peer-review and scientific journal publishing, please let us know.

Charitable Organisations 

If you would like to collaborate on a project or share resources with the aim of raising awareness and help for those with Long COVID, please get in touch.

Long COVID Recoverers

We welcome patient stories: if you feel you’ve made progress towards recovery from Long COVID, then get in touch and share your experience. Let us know what worked for you, so that we can add it (anonymously) to our website and help others! 

Sign up to volunteer here!

Sign up to volunteer here!

Which area matches your volunteering interest?

Do you have Long COVID?