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Quick Start Guide for Long COVID Patients

If you have Long COVID then start here and get a quick overview of the main resources we currently offer. This quick read covers the main relevant sections.

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Long COVID Treatment Guidelines

Here we list 6 key treatment guidelines for recovery that have been specifically modified to apply to Long COVID, covering lifestyle factors, medication, rest, diet, sleep and breathwork.


Long COVID Supplements

Food supplements (known as nutraceuticals / dietary supplements in the US) or could offer an inexpensive, Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) approach to reduce Long COVID symptoms. This list of the Top 10 was compiled with patient and medical practitioner feedback.


Long COVID Medical consultations

The world's first online specialist Long COVID clinic. Have one-to-one online video consultations with a healthcare professional to treat Long COVID. (Please note these fees are not covered by the NHS).


Do you have Long COVID?