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Medical Consultations

Have one-to-one online video consultations with one of our healthcare professionals working with Long COVID patients.  

Welcome to the world's first online specialist Long COVID referral service

Connect with the doctors, practitioners and other healthcare specialists who are working with Long COVID patients. These doctors and healthcare specialists are available privately via online video sessions, so you can discuss your health concerns safely from the privacy of your own home.

Please note that these fees are not covered by the NHS and, depending on your medical insurance provider, you will need to make a private fee contribution.



This online service means that anyone, in any part of the world, can access this team of doctors and healthcare specialists.


Your personal information and medical history is fully GDPR protected and your communications are secured with 256-bit encrypted security. 


You can choose the time, day and frequency of your consultations with an easy click of the mouse, with no long waits for confirmation. 

Carefully Selected:

We carefully select the doctors, functional medicine specialists and nutritionists to ensure they have the relevant experience to treat Long COVID and related issues. We also share information between the healthcare practitioners team and the research team to ensure you receive the most effective treatment possible. 


Online consultations allow for the ultimate social distancing, so you can receive the safest form of treatment possible, with no travel required.

Our Services:

We offer:

  • UK registered doctor and/or other healthcare practitioner assessment.
  • Full blood work and other testing (as required): baseline establishment, personalised assessment with recommendations to suit.
  • Tailored solution that is private, convenient and safe.
  • Follow ups, as required, for fine tuning and changes in treatment.
  • Cross-discipline referrals: doctor (conventional / mainstream), functional/ integrative practitioner), nutritionist /dietician, psychotherapist.

Which type of healthcare professional is best for you?

You may have a personal preference or be unsure of the difference between the options. As such, here is a quick summary and questionnaire (below) that you can take to help determine your best options.

Medical doctor (conventional / mainstream / evidence-based)

In the UK, doctors, GP’s, consultants practicing medicine this way will have been through medical school training and have active registration with the UK’s GMC (General Medical Council) and hold a licence to practise.  

Functional / integrative medicine practitioner (evidence-based)

In the UK, the term ‘practitioner’ is used as a title for the person who practises this form of medicine, as opposed to ‘doctor’, as not all practitioners are registered as doctors, although many are. Certifications are awarded from the IFM (Institute for Functional Medicine) or NCIM (National Centre for Integrative Medicine).

Registered nutritionists, nutritional therapists & dieticians (evidence-based)

In the UK, only those registered with the statutory regulator, the HCPC (Health & Care Professions Council) can call themselves a dietitian / registered dietitian (RD) and only registrants with the UKVRN (UK Register of Nutritionists) can call themselves a registered nutritionist (RNutrs). Related certifications are awarded from BANT (British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine) and CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).

Psychotherapists (evidence-based)

In the UK, the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) is the official body for registered psychotherapists. A psychotherapist may be a psychiatrist, psychologist or other mental health professional, who has had further specialist training in psychotherapy.

Not sure which type of healthcare professional is best for you?

Take this short questionnaire to find out!

Dr Anton Krige


Type of healthcare professional:

  • Medical doctor
  • Functional / Integrative medicine practitioner

Dr Krige has been practicing as a (British) NHS hospital consultant since 2005. He is an active clinical researcher & innovator within his NHS practice, with full GMC (General Medical Council) registration since 1996 with specialist registration from 2005.

Dr Krige is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and completed their intensive Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) course and specialises in complex chronic conditions in his private practice.

Dr Krige uniquely combines the roles of NHS consultant, clinical researcher & innovator, alongside being a Functional Medicine practitioner.  

We believe Dr Krige’s deep care and interest in patient outcomes, ability to research and practically implement new medical research, experience with chronic conditions, all together make him an ideal medical professional for treating Long COVID patients.  

Booking a video appointment:

Please fill out the “Medical consultation form” below to book an appointment with Dr Krige. Please note this is private medical consultation and these fees are not covered by the NHS (in the UK). Click the “Read More” button below for an overview of the fees for Dr Krige. 

Dr Mabel Blades

PhD. B.Sc. (Hons), RD, M.Phil., MIFST., M.B.A., F. R.S.H.

Type of healthcare professional:

  • Nutritionist, nutritional therapist or dietician

Dr Mabel Blades is a Registered Dietitian (RD) registered with the HCPC and member of the British Dietetic Association, and has 30 years experience working in hospitals, care homes and universities. Previously editor of the Journal of Nutrition and Food Science, Dr Blades has written a number of books including ‘Nutrition and Health’, ‘Diabetes Foods, Meds and More’, ‘Everyday Eating’ and the ‘The GI Counter’.

Mabel works in an empathetic and patient centred manner and provides practical suggestions for her advice. She enables patients to make informed choices on dietary matters.

Booking a video appointment:

Please fill out the “Medical consultation form” below to book an appointment with Dr Blades.Please note this is private medical consultation and these fees are not covered by the NHS (in the UK). Click the “Read More” button below for an overview of the fees for Dr Blades. 

Medical Consultation Form

If you would be interested in having a one-to-one online medical consultation, please fill out the following Medical Consultation Form below and press ‘submit’. We will get back to you with availability information.

Please note: All medical consultations are private and so fees are not covered by the NHS (in the UK).

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